“What is personal gain but the freedom to do what you wanted to do?  And what was power but the freedom to do what you wanted to do?  And once you had that freedom, any more wealth or power actually began to restrict one’s options, and reduce one’s freedom.  One became a servant of one’s wealth or power, constrained to spend all one’s time protecting it.”

– Kim Stanley Robinson (Green Mars)


Song and Dance

Check it out, you can learn to speak like a Pirate!!  Yesterday I went to a training about mango, a new language learning program that will be free to our library patrons.  I’m pretty excited to try it out!  The guy leading the training shared this happy piano stairs video with us.  I got excited and watched more videos today, finding the one above.  Things like that make me smile a little inside 🙂

Still playing around with themes and design…a WIP 😉

Something New

It’s a new blog for a new stream of thoughts and ideas 🙂  I’m still keeping Vegan Fox in the Snow for food and vegan-related items.  This baby is my project for sharing bits of inspiration, music, books, crafts, things related to work (working with teens at the library), and more.  It just seemed time to try something a little different and I wanted to play around with WordPress a bit.  Did you know that wordpress is open source?  That makes me even more interested.

Isn’t the video above fun?  I found this while creating an entry for our teen library blog.  In a random search I discovered Jazjaz, which describes itself as “a weblog about the quirkier side of popular culture and entertainment.”  I’m a huge fan of stop motion animation and will definitely have my eyes out for more by Darcy Prenderast and Oh Yeah Wow, who made this little number possible for Aussie Indie band All India Radio.